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Selection of tubing

The single ferrule tube tting is precision engineered to exacting standards. Careful selection of high quality tubing together with the appropriate tting will ensure the installation of safe, leak free systems. The following tables are intended as a guide to tube ordering. The tube sizes listed are regular tested to bursting pressure in both maximum and minimum wall thickness using correctly assembled tube ttings, with no sign of leakage or failure at the connections. For use with tubes of wall thickness other than those listed, recommendations regarding working pressure for tting can be obtained from our technical service.
In case of stainless steel tubing it is recommended to use fully annealed high quality stainless steel tubing to ASTM A269 or equivalent.
In case of brass tubing, tube should be fully annealed to ASTM B75 or equivalent.

Holding power for stainless steel and copper tubing – inch size:


Holding power for stainless steel tubing metric size: